DreadOut is 3D adventure horror game within an authentic local Indonesian setting.

  • Explore the mystical world of a cursed city from a 3rd person perspective.
  • Come face to face with your worst nightmares; terrifying authentic Indonesian ghosts like Tuyul, Pocong, Kunti, etc.
  • Share your ghost photographs through our online integration via facebook.
  • Experience an original and thrilling storyline.
  • Enjoy diverse gameplay elements as you explore the world.

We hope DreadOut can provide a similar survival-horror experience to some of the very best games available, whilst simultaneously taking advantage of the rich traditions of Indonesian horror to add an unique flavor.
demo available
Our Dreadout Demo Ver 1.0.107 is available for download now, PC windows first, later will be on Linux and Mac
You can download through this websites :
Don’t forget to share your experiences with us, to make an improvement on our next full release


Our first priority is to create a great game with an authentic local theme without demanding any specific gameplay aspects. We are aiming to keep both the gameplay design and the storyline logical, meaningful, and connected as natural a way as possible.

  • DRM-Free and available on PC, Mac, and Linux.
  • Variety of gameplay:The world of DreadOut will require players to think creatively in order to solve the many puzzles they will encounter.
  • Remember your childhood fear: The player will be taken back to their childhood to explore their fears in a realistic world designed to evoke feelings of nostalgia by being full of memorabilia and emotional content.
  • An emphasis on both side-quests AND story:Although DreadOut has a main linear storyline, the player will constantly be given options to further explore the world and attempt to solve the mysteries within in the optional side quests presented.
  • Online Integration:Photos that have been collected by the player will be displayed on their Facebook wall so players can help each other to finish the game and share their experiences along the way.




Well you guys should help us if you don’t want to get haunted by those spirits lol
While the DreadOut development team are continuing to work hard in developing DreadOut toward its final release, the development rate has not been fast enough. For a reference, it took more than a year for DreadOut demo to see the light.
Well, things can be made faster in the process by gaining more resources to support the development. But we unfortunately are financially limited such that simply adding more resources to speed up the development is not feasible.
This is where you can help making difference! You can backing us to speed upon development by donating some amount to your liking.
Your donation supports will be used to fund more contractual jobs, to recruit more team members and/or to purchase development and test equipments, speeding up DreadOut’s acquisition of audios, 3d models, animations, textures, voiceovers, and overall production which in effect will help us to speed up reaching our each milestones
ss_thumb02Here’s some of our specific use regarding your support and donations will help us in many vital ways including:

  • Accelerating the production process enabling a sooner release schedule.
  • Enabling us to work with famous local indie music artists on music creation and sound design for the game and soundtrack.
  • Allowing us to expand our design team with local concept artists.
  • Adding value to the game by working together with comic/ manga artists so we can port the game into a digital comic, expanding the story.
  • Basically helping us to build a bigger and richer world. We can add more ghosts, more animations, more diverse landscapes, more music, engaging animated cut-scenes and much, much, more including free roam options etc.
  • Allowing us to complete additional work such as translating DreadOut into other languages (1st release will be in dual audio English and Bahasa Indonesia with English subtitles and menus).
  • Enabling us to spend the necessary time creating high quality movies throughout the game, including intro and outro movies in full 3D CGI.

dont you
Although we can’t be compared with some AAA titles out there with hundred people, hundred million budget, yet we already invested our energy, time and money for the sake of our love on this game. DreadOut had been developed almost 2 years now, with start with only 2 people we are now expanding our team with almost 5-15 people now. Even we can handle the most expensive parts of the game such as 3D modeling, animating and texturing assets, because most of our internal team has some form of 3D artistry in our work experience, so the need for 3D assets is offset by using internal resources only, and yet we still need more time and more funds to speed up our production. So here’s the breakdown of how the additional money will be spent:


Digital Happiness comprises a number of 3D artists who have years of experience doing 3D animation work on a previously contracted-only basis. Our first original game was Hallway Raid, a game paying tribute to The Raid: Redemption movie. The game was released free and received a positive response from the public but unfortunately we couldn’t continue it due to a licensing issue. it’s funny even though we create a free game based on our love on that film, sadly some company complaining to us to takes down that game…:) you can see it how it plays on you tube
it’s not game related but here’s some of our contractual animation;


We’re absolutely over the moon to be able to offer prizes not just of the game, but also of many fun extras on it. Scroll down to see everything we have to offer!
rewards ghost & graveyard
ss_thumb04Anything else? If you have any questions or enquiries about the prizes or are interested in making some kind of arrangement for a private donation, please feel free to contact us at:
Q: Why Crowd funding?
A: Dreadout has been in development for almost 2 years now and, besides the limited resources, what makes the development process longer is balancing the production costs with the company cash flow. We have split our team in two: the first team is handling DreadOut and the second team is ensuring the company cash flow remains secure by completing regular client-based animation contract work. With the support of crowdfunding we hope to secure our budget to release DreadOut without depending on the second team’s funding resource. In fact we are planning to merge both teams into one big team to speed up the release.
Q: Why not try to find an investment on VC?
The computer games industry in our country is still in the early days of development. We are way behind, even when compared to other countries in South East Asia! The investors we spoke with were more comfortable if we created games and apps for mobile platforms. Some prospective investors even tried to change our horror theme which we couldn’t accept due to our belief in this project and the hard work we have already invested. We Stand it for PC Game! 😀
Q: Why IndieGoGo?
A: We are an Indonesian based company and Kickstarter is not available to us. While KS is widely perceived to be the more influential source for video games funding, we still have faith that we can achieve our modest goal through IndieGoGo just as well.
By creating DreadOut we hope we can make a good survival horror game for the love of us in that genre, and maybe can inspire our peers across South East Asia, and especially in our home country of Indonesia.  Together we can develop our industry and, of course, the creative industries in general.
We would like to thank you all for this opportunity and we promise to try our best to make this game something special. Please send all Suggestions and criticism to: and stay connected with us at
Give us a shout at our twitter/dreadoutgame
Don’t forget to head on our steam greenlight page to support us…
Thank you to God Almighty. Thank you to our families and friends who have helped us every step of the way so far. We wouldn’t be able to do it without your kind support.THANK YOU!

Team on This Campaign:

sumber :

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